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2015 Non-Roster Position Players

The Mariners held their first full workout today, meaning everyone has arrived in Peoria. So, it's time to look at the rest of the non-roster invitees just like I did last week with pitchers and catchers. here's how the initial rankings are tallied:
  • 1 point per year away from 28 years old, either way (so super young and super old players are equally intriguing, though for different reasons)
  • 1 point per league level. MLB is worth 4 points, AAA 3 points, and so on
  • 1 point for being a lefty arm
  • 1 point if the player has some special circumstance that adds to their intrigue
Without further ado, the initial position player rankings!
  1. Endy Chavez (+13): The aged wonder soldiers on, accumulating this massive rating based on the fact that he somehow was a regular for the M's last year and he is closer to 40 than 30. He seems to always rise to the MLB roster.
  2. Franklin Gutierrez (+6.75): Guti was hard to rate since he didn't play at all last season. Ultimately I gave him credit for half of his 2013 level (split between AAA and MLB) and then added a bonus point given the intrigue of how he might come back from missing all of last season.
  3. D.J. Peterson (+6.5): I think Peterson is the first basemen of the future when he's ready, which isn't yet, but hopefully not too far into the future.
  4. Jordy Lara (+6): Lara put up a big year in high A. This next season is an interesting one for him, though he figures to be among the early spring cuts.
  5. Carlos Rivero (+5): Likely AAA depth, particularly after Rickie Weeks was signed.
  6. Patrick Kivlehan (+4.5): I've got a prospect crush on Kivlehan, so I disagree with my own ranking here. Still, the system is the system, and the fact is that Kivlehan is a bit old as a prospect and hasn't hit AAA yet. I'm still excited to see how he does in 2015 though and I hope he tears up the Cactus league.
  7. Shawn O'Malley (+4): Definition of minor league depth. He will probably stick around camp a while but it's impossible to see him on the opening day roster without an apoplectic amount of injuries.
So, the rankings of all non-roster invitees is as follows:
  1. Endy Chavez (+13)
  2. Joe Saunders (+10)
  3. John Baker (+10)
  4. Rafael Perez (+8)
  5. Mark Lowe (+7)
  6. Tyler Marlette (+7)
  7. Stephen Landazuri (+7)
  8. Justin Germano (+7)
  9. Franklin Gutierrez (+6.75)
  10. D.J. Peterson (+6.5)
  11. Jordan Pries (+6)
  12. Tyler Olson (+6)
  13. Jordy Lara (+6)
  14. Sam Gaviglio (+6)
  15. Mike Dowd (+6)
  16. Steve Baron (+5.5)
  17. Carlos Rivero (+5)
  18. Forrest Snow (+5)
  19. Patrick Kivlehan (+4.5)
  20. Shawn O'Malley (+4)
Frankly, I am surprised at what this simple rating system churned out. The top four scores pretty clearly reside with the four players most likely to earn opening day roster spots (though I do not expect any of them to earn roster spots). All that really says is that the most seasoned veterans the Mariners invited to camp are not idiots. They picked a place where they can compete for a roster spot. I will check in again with an updated list after a few games have been played, and detail how the ranking system will update based on spring performances.

Mariners Looking To Get Into The Playoffs

This is a guest post written by James Wolcott on behalf of FanDuel. Enjoy a more national perspective on the Mariners!

Last season, quite a few people were surprised with how well the Seattle Mariners played. Even though they were stuck in probably the toughest division overall last year, they were in the wild-card race until the very end. Thanks to some offseason acquisitions, they feel like they are going to be even better in 2015.

Anyone who plays fantasy baseball understands that you need talent in order to win games at the MLB level. Seattle was pretty busy heading into the 2014 season, as their big free agent prize was Robinson Cano. He will have more help in the lineup this year, as they paid pretty big bucks to land Nelson Cruz. People in fantasy baseball loved his production with the Baltimore Orioles last year, and they can only hope that he will be able to do the same in a slightly more spacious ballpark.

Pitching is always going to be important for Seattle, especially given their home field advantage. Felix Hernandez once again will give them a legitimate ace, and they are hoping that others will be able to contribute as well. Taijuan Walker has had some pretty decent success in limited action at the MLB level, in Seattle is hoping that he can settle into a bigger role in 2015.

The Los Angeles Angels are going to be tough yet again this season, and of course the Oakland Athletics are not going anywhere despite having some roster turnover. Even Texas and Houston will both be better than a season ago. Nothing is going to be easy in the American League West, but Seattle feels like they are going to be legitimate contenders this year. Hopefully, everything comes together for them. It has been a while for Seattle fans to experience playoff success of any kind. They have the fantasy baseball standouts to really look like a significant player in baseball for the next few years.